An ageless and timeless classic little black dress, with a simple and elegant fitted waist and flared silhouette reminiscent of blooming tulip petals.

Created by Gigliola Curiel, the second-generation inheritor of the brand, in the late 1950s, CURIEL's custom-made evening dresses became essential social tools for high society ladies attending the opening ceremonies of Milan's La Scala theater. Among them, the TULIP silhouette dress was the most popular.

With the arrival of the prosperous post-war era, Gigliola aimed to ensure women could maintain elegance from daytime work to evening socializing. She distilled the essence of haute couture dresses, using clean lines and high-quality fabrics to create the first-generation TULIP ready-to-wear little black dress, which caused a sensation in Europe.

Indeed, it serves as a declaration of modernity in women's fashion and stands as a representative of the brand's minimalist aesthetic style. With a heritage spanning over six decades, it has been crafted with great craftsmanship and remains unfazed by the changes of time, always standing tall in the tide of fashion.


COLOR: Black
36 38 40 42 44
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