CURIEL Shanghai Paramount Swing Ball - Dance To Rise
Release Date:18.02.2022

On the evening of February 18, 2022, Italian vintage fashion brand CURIEL put on a fashion and dance swing party at Shanghai's iconic vintage ballroom, Paramount - a showcase for "Dance To Rise".

The Paramount, a building with a history of nearly 100 years, was once known as the "First Music House in the Far East". The design style not only follows the Art Deco style of the old Shanghai period, but also combines the allusions of the golden times and stories of famous people, achieving a clever fusion of history and modernity, which perfectly matches with CURIEL's vintage yet modern aesthetic style. During the evening, CURIEL restored a vintage theater in Paramount, making guests feel like they were in a foyer of a hundred years ago, paying tribute to the brand's endorsement for the dance throughout its history and announcing its future commitment to this art form.


CURIEL is an Italian fashion family with a history of nearly 120 years, inherited by four generations of family heiress, and has been interpreting and transmitting the Italian lifestyle La Dolce Vita to the world. Since the 1940s, CURIEL has been a close friend of Milan's La Scala, one of the four greatest opera houses in the world, and was also popular among Milan's upper class and international celebrities. Now, CURIEL brings these glorious haute couture collections to Shanghai Paramount's Xiangmei Hall, raising the curtain of the magnificent beauty from the last century to the present.


In addition to the Haute Couture show, the main ballroom featured the signature ready-to-wear garments from CURIEL's Spring/Summer 2022 collection, PRELUDIO ALLA LIBERTÀ. The curved backdrop captured the flow of the space, giving it a sensual element of softness and elegance. The installation replicates the private box at the La Scala theater in Italy in the 1960s, allowing for an immersive experience while capturing every unforgettable moment for the guests.



In the ballroom, CURIEL invited Linda, a renowned fashion host, as the host of the night, and five leading dancers were invited as special guests - they are Ms. Wang Yabin, a famous actress and national first-class dancer; Ms. Xie Xin, a famous young dancer and artistic director of Xie Xin Dance Theatre; Ms. Li Yanchao, a famous young dancer; Ms. Qi Shanshan, a famous architect and dancer known as the founder of STUDIO QI Architects; and Ms. Mai Zi, a famous young director and dancer. 

After attending the ball, Ms. Wang Yabin expressed her admiration, "CURIEL, a fashion brand born in Italy in 1908, is such an elegant and graceful brand. Over the years, it is filled with classical essence and contemporary connections."


A wonderful performance of swing dance was accompanied. A flash mob by SwingTopia - a famous swing dance club in China, kicked off the prelude of CURIEL Dance to Rise. It was followed by a duo from Swing Topia's lead dancers, Lu Yao and Huang Yuexing. They interacted and danced with the guests in a passionate way, expressing their feelings at the moment in the improvisation. Just like what CURIEL wants to convey to all women through the little black dress: not to please others, only to please oneself; not to express the class, only to express the true self.