CURIEL x Marie Claire: Inborn Legend
Release Date:09.05.2021

For Mother's Day 2021, magazine Marie Claire paid tribute to Mothers with a set of super loving mother-daughter campaign, in which the model Chun Xiao, the actress Liu Mintao, the artist Wu Yanshu, and the environment protector Li Minguo each appeared with their daughters, interpreting the dynamic mother-daughter bond of different ages. The four pairs of mothers and daughters from different life periods are just like four generations of CURIEL's heiress, telling the story of time, of the little black dress, and of the eternal maternal instincts.


They embody the spirit of CURIEL: the response to true self, the pursuit of love and the insistence on self-worth. Always creating, eternally shining, and staying out of the temptation to belong to a group or to please others.