Madame Curiel attended the exhibition “On the Scala Stage”
Release Date:07.12.2019


On December 7, 2019, Mrs. Raffaella Curiel attended the exhibition "Nei palchi Della Scala -Storie Milanesi (On the Scala Stage)" at the Teatro alla Scala in Milan. In this historic theater, the exhibition presented to the visitors the story of the life and music of Milan for more than a century. At the same time, it showcases many costumes made by Italian designers.

The Teatro Alla Scala di Milano was founded under the auspices of the Empress Maria Theresa of Austria to replace the Royal Ducal Theatre, which was destroyed by fire on February 26, 1776, and until then had been the home of opera in Milan.



This exhibition, curated by Pier Luigi Pizzi, tells the history of Milan's theater over more than a century, celebrating the stories of the regulars of La Scala Opera. It then traces the history of Milan's great families, from Trivulzio to Litta, from Belgiojoso to Visconti. on the first floor, the exhibition opens with a dual photograph of the evening gowns dedicated by Raffaella Curiel, which have been worn by her family and most of its guests since the 1950s.

During the exhibition, Raffaella Curiel was photographed and interviewed at Teatro Alla Scala. The press commented that she was the first designer to combine art and fashion.  

When asked how the dress code evolved for visiting the theater, Gigliola Curiel replied: "You have to keep the tradition, elegance is a fundamental point, it is a value not to be lost. Our goal is to wear elegance with attention to detail, which is an important sign of respect for the work that will be seen."