CURIEL and La Scala

In 1945, Milan was rebuilt after the second world war. The civilization of Italy was reborn. The second heir brought CURIEL to Milan, She provided the high society a unique style and empowered them with the spirit of “La Dolce Vita ” (life is amazing) !CURIEL gained immediate popularity. CURIEL and Milan were revived !


As a pioneer of Italian haute couture, CURIEL partnered with one of the four most prestigious opera houses in the world. CURIEL also became the first choice of the upper class and celebrities when they attended La Scala and other important events. CURIEL was the synonym of class life in Milan.

In 1957, the second-generation heir Gigliola CURIEL (second from left) at the La Scala Theater
In 1962, the second-generation heir Gigliola CURIEL (first from left) and daughter Raffaella CURIEL (first from right) at La Scala Theater
In 2004, VOGUE published the book "The Elegant Ladies of the La Scala Theatre"
Italian high society socialite Evalina Shapria in the CURIEL evening dress series
Italian high society socialite Contessa Mina Borromeo Pesenti Pigna in CURIEL evening dress series
Two dresses by Gigliola CURIEL for the opera La Traviata. The first (left) is a long velvet dress with a coat. The second (right) is a gold embroidered dress
From the review of VOGUE "Gigliola CURIEL's haute couture for the opera Aida fills La Scala with a dreamy turquoise color"
View of CURIEL's studio on the top floor of Palazzo Calderoni, Via Durini, Milan, 1957
Gigliola CURIEL (top left) fitting a clientele in 1967.Raffaella CURIEL (bottom right) observes her mother trying on clothes for a client. "Coming out of CURIEL studio - the neat table always has flow

CURIEL and Dance

Carla Fracci (20 August 1936 - 27 May 2021), was an Italian ballerina, actress and ballet director. Recognized as one of the greatest ballerinas of the 20th century, she was a principal dancer with the Teatro alla Scala Ballet in Milan. She then worked freelance with international companies, including the Royal Ballet of London, the Stuttgart Ballet, the Royal Swedish Ballet and the American Ballet Theatre. Fracci is known for her interpretations of the leading roles in several Romantic ballets, such as The Witch, Giselle , Swan Lake, and Romeo and Juliet. She also performed in the ballets Nijinsky and The Complete Bell Telephone Hour.


CURIEL is a long-time ally of La Scala Theater and Ms. Raffaella Curiel is Carla Fracci's stylist and close friend. Carla Fracci appeared with Ms. Curiel in a fashion show on February 22, 2018.  "Born to dance, with the humility that characterizes great people." This is how Curiel remembers Fracci, star of La Scala and symbol of the world of dance. Raffaella Curiel said: "The best moments were when the two of us had dinner together, very relaxed and easy." This is where CURIEL's connection with dance comes into being.