Appreciation letter from Princess Diana of Wales

(Thanks to the CURIEL family for delivering the 1994 Haute Couture show video, Princess Diana is very happy to witness the style of Italian haute couture)

Appreciation letter from Princess Catherine of Serbia Yugoslavia

(Thanks to the CURIEL family for supporting the charity event in Serbia, all CURIEL clothing sold would be used to build a rehabilitation center for the elderly and children)

Appreciation letter from the U.S. Embassy

(American diplomat Ruth thanks the CURIEL family for her tailored wedding dress)

Appreciation letter from Ivana Trump, the first wife of former US President Donald Trump

(Ivanna Trump attends the CURIEL fashion show at the ST. Regis Hotel in Rome)

Since 1908, in the long epic of nearly 120 years’ family history, CURIEL has designed haute couture for women from various nationalities and cultural background. Every piece is unique. Part of them are still preserved in the studio in Via Montenapoleone 13 in Milan.


Rafaella has expressed multiple times in the face of interviews that to CURIEL family, every woman is a unique individual, every woman is a princess, every woman is an actress and carries their own charm. Whether she is famous or wealthy or not does not matter. What matters is that my creation would make her feel happy, which is the wish of CURIEL. Until now, CURIEL family still operates their business in haute couture and holds shows at AltaRoma, the high event for haute couture. The wife of Muhammed Hosni Mubarak, former president of Egypt, and George Soros, Financial Mogul, many former first ladies of Italy, and Hilary Clinton are all loyal clients of CURIEL. The most long-term clients have stayed with the brand for 60 years.